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BBQ Chicken Bun

BBQ chicken filled in the soft Bun. Every bite full with buttery and BBQ taste and fragrant in your ..

Butter Milk Raisin Bun

The buttery bun filled with Golden Raisin, seems normal but taste fantastic!Loves in every Bite!&nbs..

Ham & Cheese Bun

Ham and Cheese is just like wife and husband. Nothing can split them away. Normal bun yet brings mem..

Polo Bun

The traditional bun from Hong Kong. Normal Polo bun with no filling and we feel the bun is so lonely..

Sausage Bun

Classic Sausage bun is too dull, we added in baked cheery tomatoes to make it taste fresher. Best ch..

Tuna Boat

Classic Tuna Boat embellished with Pineapple and Tomato Slice. Is not only embellishment as the pine..

Twisted Cheese Stick

The incredible fusion of cheddar cheese and sugar. The crunchy of the sugar improve the texture of t..
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