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Apple Cheese Bun

The sweetness of special cooked Apple filling filled in soft bun yet with some Mozarella cheese on t..

Banana Chocolate Bun

Chocolate is the ingredient everyone loves especially your children. We added in Banana ingredients ..

Cheesy Footlong Sausage

Foot long sausage bun topped with the special made cheesy sauce. An amazing combination for sau..

Custard Bun

Special homemade custard wrapped in a soft bun topped with a slice of cheddar cheese. Savoury and li..

Dino Curry Chicken with Egg

Pieces of crumble on the top of the bun improve the texture of the bun. Curry chicken filling added ..

Garlic Sausage Bun

Pungent yet fragrant taste from garlic brings better experience for your taste buds from a normal sa..

Green Tea Mochi Red Bean Bun

Green Tea definitely goes best with Azuki Red Bean. But, we even upgrade it further with Japanese Mo..

Mushroom Ham Egg Topped Bun

The mushroom not only embellished the bun yet it do a good job fusion with the Ham and Egg to provid..

Pineapple Tuna Egg Topped Charcoal Bun

The best combination ever. Pineapple with little sweet and sour match best with Tuna. Charcoal bun u..

Polo BBQ Chicken Bun

BBQ Chicken bun topped with Polo Skin not only embellished the bun yet bring a better texture and fr..

Teriyaki Bonito Salmon Bun

Our Signature and best seller! 3 little soft bun filled with special cooked Salmon Chunks and topped..

Tomyam Chicken Cheese Bun

One of the best seller from us. Spicy and sour Tomyam Chicken is the best sensation for your taste b..
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