A brief history of the crisp, crescent comestible we all know and love is a tale full of culinary legends. People often think of France when they hear mention of the croissant, but Austria is the true country of birth for this famous pastry. It’s Viennese, not French!!!

The origins of this buttery, flaky, puffy pastry are surrounded with mystery. Multiple legends exist, giving the croissant a much more romantic story than its true history. But such a delicious and perfect pastry deserves a romantic story. 

A tale from the 18th century, tells a story of the croissant often attributed to Marie Antoinette (Queen of france), a fifteen-year-old Austrian princess traveled to Versailles, to marry the future king of France, Louis XVI, in the year 1770 was homesick in Versailles, requested the royal bakers to recreate her favorite Viennese royal pastry- Kipfel (name of croissant in Viennese). There, the Kipfel became known as croissant – crescent in French. The croissants became extremely popular in France, where they were perfected satisfied crunch, the indulgent mouthfeel of butter wrapped in the overwhelming sensation of lightness, and we still love them today!

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